How are the grades for the Philosophy and English Parts of PHIL243/4 combined?

1. Each part of the course is assigned 100 points.
2. Your final grade is the average of both parts.

Throughout the semester you can work out how your grade for the 6 credits is progressing by simply averaging the grades for both parts of the course. Note that if you put enough effort into one part of the course work and not the other, then your average for the 6 credits will be pulled down.
, if you are assigned 58 points or less (see grade schedule below) from either part of the course, you will automatically receive an F for the the entire course (i.e. for all 6 credits). Note also that PHIL243/4 is a 6 credit course. Thus, it has double the effect on your CGPA than an ordinary 3 credit course. Both parts of the course are mutually supporting (i.e. same 5 texts). Thus, it is inefficient to work on one part of the course and not very much on the other. Both instructors are using the following grading schedule. 95-100 A 90-94 A- 86-89 B+ 82-85 B 78-81 B- 74-77 C+ 70-73 C 67-69 C- 63-66 D+ 59-62 D 0-58 F CRITERIA FOR ASSIGNING A FZ GRADE A student is assigned an FZ grade if - 1. They cannot obtain a grade above 58 in the Philosophy part of the course. 2. Or, their total grade for the English part of the course is 58 or below.

All sections have a Philosophy final exam.
A student who receives a FZ grade is not eligible to take the Philosophy final exam (or a Philosophy retake exam).
There is no final exam for the English part of the course.